Love in the Afternoon

Reasons to love daytime weddings

Why Daytime Weddings Are Becoming So Popular

There are so many reasons to consider a Daytime Wedding at Tewksbury Country Club. There are some wonderful advantages that many people overlook. Beautiful natural lighting that daylight offers, special menu options such as a Sunday Brunch Wedding, and opportunities for casual attire, to name a few.  Dates for Daytime Weddings are usually more readily available and often are accompanied by the elimination of food minimums and reduced package pricing. Check below for more reasons why we think a Daytime Wedding at Tewksbury Country Club is a dream come true!

Luxury for Less

You will be very pleasantly surprised to discover that Daytime Weddings can be quite budget-friendly. Tewksbury Country Club offers special rates that will help reduce per person food and beverage expenses as well as venue charges for Saturday and Sunday afternoon receptions. You will find the savings can be quite significant. Talk with our wedding consultants about the possibilities – you may be surprised at the savings. Perhaps you would enjoy putting the savings toward your honeymoon, first home, or other dreams you may have.

The After Party!

Everyone expects a Daytime Wedding to conclude by late afternoon. That makes it quite convenient for newlyweds to plan for the After Party, at the perfect time when you can relax with the people you love, many of whom you haven’t seen for a while. You may wish to change into more comfortable clothing to relax and enjoy the After Party, which can be casual or formal or anything in between – just as you wish it to be. The options are unlimited for your celebration and happy memories. If you want, we can take care of the After Party for you, with your meal choices packaged and ready to go at the end of your event.

Vivid Photography

Have you seen photographs of a Daytime Wedding? Have you noticed the flowers, bursting with exuberant color? Nothing compares to natural light. The drama of the gorgeous surroundings at Tewksbury Country Club, the Stone Bridges, the sparkling Fountains, sunlight on the ponds, the trees and flowers, and of course, on you, will be captured by your photographer. The look is unmistakable and you will love it.

Getting the Vendors of Your Choice

Daytime Weddings are gaining in popularity because they make it easier to secure the vendors of your choice. Most requests for Wedding Photographers, DJs, Bands, Photo Booths, etc. are for Saturday evenings. In most cases, because the vendors want to book the daytime slot also, they may be more apt to offer reduced pricing, making the entire package even more affordable.

Consideration for Your Loved Ones

If you are looking to include family members of all ages from younger children to aging Parents and Grandparents, a Daytime Wedding is perfect. It’s so much easier for elderly guests to arrange for travel during the daytime hours, and children can get to bed at their normal sleeping hour. Don’t forget the photo ops! Daytime weddings offer that rare opportunity for photographs when all generations are present together.

Opportunities are Endless

At Tewksbury Country Club there are endless options to choose from, however a few of our best and most popular are our Grand Sequioa Wedding Package and our more limited package – the Magnolia Wedding Package. Both packages are offered during the 11:00 to 4:00 time period with no food minimum. Click on our package choices and start dreaming about your Daytime Wedding at Tewksbury Country Club.

Photo Credit: Metzger Studios


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